Wednesday, April 22, 2015

week 14: The Future

For this week's blog I read the Hitchhikers's Guide to the Galaxy:

I think that Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is really comedic. The humor derives from philosophy, and science. Adams uses sarcasm to make some points about life. I think that the characters are very interesting. 

Arthur Dent: Clueless character
Ford PrefectL: Arthur's friend from Betelgeuse
Trillian: She is the charming Earth girl who flies the Heart of Gold
Marvin: the eternally depressed robot. 
Zaphod Beeblebrox: he has two heads, three arms, and arrogant attitude

The story explains how things become even trickier for main character when he discovers the great usefulness of sticking a Babel fish into his ear. He meets the President of the Galaxy Zaphod Beeblebrox and Trillian (both of whom Arthur actually met months before at a party.) Impossible coincidences are explained by the fact that Beeblebrox's ship is runs on the new Infinite Improbability Drive. Dent becomes confused during his travels on board the Heart of Gold, and the story eventually ends up where they visit space and other planet.

Thursday, April 16, 2015


Are there any Prominent symbols in the story? If so what are they and how are they used?

I believe there were many symbols in "The Aquatic Uncle” but the main symbols that I saw were the two different environments that these creatures lived. The land was symbolic of modern ways of living, while the Sea was symbolic of older, more traditional ways of living. One can make the connection by looking at the character  of Qfwfq, who can represent someone from a younger generation, and the character of Uncle N'ba N’ga, who represents someone from an older generation. The author did a good job of portraying a believable relationship between two people from two different age group that had two differing beliefs. but at the same time the author did a good job of creating middle ground of creating a character that was extremely interested in the “Aquatic,” more traditional way of doing things, with the character of Lll. I think overall the story uses these symbols as a way to drive the overall theme of identity, and taking the two different beliefs and finding out who you are for yourself. 

What connections did you make with the story. discuss the elements of the work with which you were able to connect.

The aspect of the story that I connected to most was the overall part of meeting someones  relatives. You never really know how someone will react to meeting your relatives. Its very interesting when people connect in ways that you never thought they would. This story is an extreme case of that, but it does a good job of showing how people can connect even though they are from different worlds. I really connected with Lll and how she is from the the “land” ,Modern times , she was able to form connections  and find interest with the aquatic life. I think it is very interesting hearing stories and understanding our past in order to make progress for the future.

what changes would you make to adapt this story into another medium? what medium would you use, what change would you make ?

If I were to adapt this story to another medium, I don't think it would be totally necessary to keep the the whole “aquatic/reptilian” aspect of it, it could really be replaced by anything fantastical. The story is mostly about identity and the relationship between two completely different generations. I think as long as the same type of relationships are present, the story will get a cross. I feel like to get the true meaning across it would be smart to adapt it into a film. I feel like it could easily be portrayed by humans. and would almost be stronger if it was live action compared to an animation, because it will get the relationships across stronger.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

week 12: Diverse Position Science Fiction

I read "I Live With You" by Carol Emshwiller. I felt that this was one the most horrifying short stories.I thought the lack of resolution at the end was creepy. Basically, the story is about a being that lives with a human and tries to make life better.The narrator pretty much creeps on the life of a female girl. It's weird because the female girl does not even recognize its existence. 

My first assumption of this "being" was that it was a ghost; however this "thing" does human things like eating. It's creepier knowing that it is a human thing that was using the female person's house stuff. The female noticed and felt like something was living with her. The story ends with the narrator never being revealed. I think this really makes the story a lot more spookier. 

This was such an interesting short story and I felt that it was well written. I can see how it's considered to be a diverse position science fiction. In some ways, I feel like this could be considered sci-fi. With the unidentified being, you could argue that it was an alien, especially since the narrator/being is never fully identified. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

week 11: Cyberpunk and Steampunk

For this week, I read "And I Awoke And Found Me Here On The Cold Hill's Side" by James Tiptree Jr. I did not expect the reading to be so positive. The story was like a warning about what happens when the human race meets aliens. The story talks about how people just wants find and impregnate the stranger. People who hold different beliefs than the norm are the ones who've continually been persecuted by man. Although, I do think that the engineer forgot about how much man likes conquering other people too. But, I feel like within the story, at the time and place where this is all happening, something else changed: the fact that man could no longer conquer. The aliens, all of the different species that were mentioned and even the ones that weren't mentioned, all have the upper hand on us humans in the story. 

 I believe that this short story is a cautionary tale. Just looking back at all the different kinds of people we use to and even continue to still persecute today, it all makes sense that we want to conquer and reproduce with those that are different from us. However, if those who are different from us hold even more power then humans, such as having better and more advanced technology as well as not being able to reproduce with humans, it will be disastrous for us. They'll hold the power, they'll call the shots. That's why I think if we ever come into contact with beings from another planet, we need to control ourselves and really work with them to form a peaceful universe.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

week 09: Space Opera

I had watched Serenity a while ago and I really enjoyed it. The characters were perfectly developed an each were unique. They served well as foils to each other. The serious Simon is contrasted with the vivacious and playful Jane. The bold hardened leader Malcolm contrasted with timid young River. The movie, in its attempt to conclude the series, was overall very fast paced and exciting. I didn’t find myself bored in the middle of an exposition. They dove straight into the action and let the audience contextually figure out what was happening. The most intriguing aspect of the film was the world they created. After a great war on earth, only the two super powers, china and the US survived. The two super powers left their influence on society’s culture. Everything, from language to the environment is a robust fusion of the eastern and western culture. Little things like using Chinese words for the harshest curse words make the setting feel much more believable

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Week 08: Mythic Fiction and Contemporary Fiction

Ocean at the End of the Lane felt especially fresh and new from Gaiman's American Gods.  I loved the fact that the novel felt completely full and fleshed out even though it was a quick read, and I was able to read it all in one night.  For me, it was hard to tell if this was a children's tale or more in the adult realm like American Gods.  Perhaps that made it kind of better somehow that you have this adult-narrator telling a rather scary tale of what happened to him as a child.  Another interesting thing is how many interesting little thoughts Gaiman is able to weave into the narrative, it's almost like a stream of consciousness or at least as if you were having him sit next to you and read you a bedtime story.  It was almost impossible not to hear Gaiman's voice as I read this story, it felt so much as if he were reading it to me.  The book was extremely personal but I think something we can all relate to - childhood ostracism, loneliness, "evil" babysitters.  There is also something that feels greatly nostalgic about this novel, and I guess I'm not quite sure if this was the way in which Gaiman tells it or just the overall themes themselves.  I suppose that's part of the mystery that makes books like this and The Graveyard book so powerful, that they are almost a subgenre in themselves.  I think as we become adults it is hard for us to look back at childhood in the same way that Gaiman is able to communicate, but then it becomes so obvious how these memories are almost universal.  For me, it was easy to get caught up in the world that Gaiman creates, but then it was also hard to put it down and move on with reality.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Week 7:The Novel of Spiritual Education

Harry Potter is a probably the most popular fiction movie of my generation. I have read the Harry Potter and the Sorcecer's Stones in elementary School and absolutely loved it. It was really fun to read it again this week because you notice so much you never did. When I first read it, I just read it as it is. Just story after a story. Rereading it now, I notice so much depth in characters and symbolisms.

One of the biggest element that struck me was the Mirror of Erised. The mirror reveals the character's deepest desire. It really reflects the characteristics of the person looking into the mirror. I felt that "desire" plays a big motif throughout the novel. The sorcerer's stone is another element symbolizing desire for power and strength. Greed is portrayed in Lord Voldemort which backs him evil.

Rereading the novel, I developed a new favorite towards Hagrid. I think its great how he is this huge man with the sweetest heart. He is clumsy, yet loving. There is a great contrast in Hagrid. His love for weird creatures and animals are so hilarious because it is evident that everyone else is freaked out about it, yet he has a great care and love for creepy creatures.